Past Shows




Flyer Catholic Guilt16-04-01 Hysterese, Postfort, Erfurt 70flyer klein15-11-18 Sheer Mag15-10-24 Spring, Mülltüte, The Stopsred dons15-07-21 WARSONG, SHATTERED DAYS, NP15-07-08 VEXX, SPRING15-06-28 Canine15-06-16 Daily Ritual, Nervous Assistant2015-05-27 Long Knife, Lambs15-05-04 Permanent Ruin, Copcake15-04-24 Krigskade, Last Leaf15-04-06 Caves, Analog Ruins15-03-24 Systematik, We had a Deal SWH15-03-06 Finesterre, Dead Tired15-01-27 Suicidas11-11-26 Rakta farbKopie_von_14-10-15_Chemicals_Nervous_Assistant14-11-15 Fun Total, Piss Test14-10-02 The New Flesh, Display14-09-24 Diät, Canadian Rifle14-06-13 Neighbourhood Brats, Küken14-06-02 Shopping14-05-27 Hysterics14-05-16 No Problem, Voight-Kampff14-05-11 Sonic Avenues, Needles Pins14-04-22 Caves14-04-16 La Urss14-02-14 The Estranged, Blank Pages14-02-06 Autistic Youth, Haute Couture12-12-20 DICTADURA, FINISTERRE, LEVITATIONSvowelsbig eyes13-09-22 Belgrado, Bellicose Minds13-09-07 Broken 'Ships, Robotron13-07-16 She-Devils, Coke Bust, Juana Chang13-07-05 Hysterese, Derby Dolls, Delos13-06-27 RankXerox, Rat Columns13-06-22 Sickoids, Duesenjaeger13-06-16 Nuclear Spring, Creem13-05-08 Bi-Marks, Ruined Handsspectres_poster_version13-03-27 Fracaso Punk Cafe13-03-15 Low Culture, Pig Control12-12-28 High Society, I Refuse, A Film About DIY America12-10-14 Crusades, No Weather Talks12-10-11 White Lung, Vyst Flyer klein12-09-27 polite sleeper flyer12-09-15 Messer, Das Ende Flyer12-06-16 Stab, No, 198112-06-13 Neon Piss, Mundo Muertohystereseflyer